A Glimpse of the Glover's

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Come to Zion

We decided we needed to dive right in to Summer and one of the things we want to do is take the kids on as many outdoor outtings as we can.  We live in such a beautiful place and we don't take advantage of it near as much as we should.  People come from all over the world to experience southern utah and we have it in our own backyard.  So one day after church we loaded everyone up and packed a lunch and headed to one of Jerry and I's favorite places... Zion!  Not only is it a cool place with lots of awesome scenery, it is the place Jer got down on one knee and changed my life.  It is also where we spent our honeymoon so it kinda holds a special place in my heart for sure.  We took the kids there because there are some really cool hikes we want to do.  We weren't able to do the hike we set out to do (thanks to Ranger Joe who said we weren't allowed) but we still found one that ended up being perfect.  Esp because we had the littler kids with us.  It wasn't too long or hard for them.  I had never been on it and the higher we climbed, the more aware I was at just how big the drop offs were right at our feet.  My heart started to beat a little faster every minute that we walked.  Not because I am that out of shape, but because I am really afraid of heights!  I hate them.  I didn't even realize how bad my phobia was until then either.  I literally was a mess the whole time.  The more I showed my fear the more my  family thought it was funny to mess with me too. They would pretend they were jumping off a cliff or sliding down a rock to their death.  Not good.  I couldn't relax and they told me next time they were going to leave me home.  Fine with me!  Accidents happen and people really do die from that stuff.  I may have been a little dramatic I will admit, but look at the pictures and tell me who wouldn't be afraid!? I am grateful we all made it safely down and a good time was had by all...for the most part anyways :) It really is an amazing place.
Oh and I will throw in the fact that even the actor William Macey loves to experience Zion too.  As we were coming down the steps of the hike there he was on his Harley waiting to go threw the tunnel.  I did get a wink out of him as he lowered his sunglasses to look at me, um, I mean us and he gave me, I mean us a big wave as he drove away.  See ya on the big screen Bill!  Ya that's right, we are tight now. 
So much personality here
Glover gang.  Yes I do plan on getting some sun on those legs Lexy!
Breathtaking... Parker step away from that ledge!
Here comes the anxiety
yep...so stressed out
Chloe spent the whole time trying to catch a lizard. At this point she was pretty frustrated as you can tell
My twin daughters
This was funny.  As I was snapping pics Dex climbed up on this rock and said "Casey Mom take a picture of me".  He started striking poses like no other.  His dad was dying.  That boy knows how to pose
One of the many poses he pulled out
Chloe still mad about the lizard that got away she kills me!
I love how sweet James is.  He got tired on the way down so daddy saved him.  He rode on his shoulders the whole way down.


Cando said...

I love that you had three new posts to read! Good on ya sis! The picture of you with your hands on your cheeks cracked me up. I could tell how stressed you were. I can just hear you saying " I Cant take it" And the post about Kenna made my eyes water!! Love that girl.

McCleary Family Fun said...

Oh my goodness, I got tears. I can't believe the grow up so fast either. I feel your pain, and want a pause button myself. Love you Casey

Keep posting. Thank you for all the great pictures and stories.